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1.                  Electron was discovered by J.J. Thomson (1897)
2.                  The mass of electron is 9 .1 X 10-28 grams
3.                  The Charge of electron is 1. 6 X 10-19  coloumbs
4.                  Proton was discovered by Goldstein (1886).
5.                  The Mass of e Proton is 1.672 X 10 -24 gram.
6.                  The charge of Proton is 1. 602 X 10-19 coloumbs
7.                  Neutron was discovered by Chadwick (1932)
8.                  The charge of neutron is zero
9.                  Cathode ray are travels in straight lines from cathode to anode
10.              Anode rays are also called canal rays
11.              King of element is Corbon
12.              King of chemical is Sulphuric acid
13.              Lime water turns milky by Co2 gas.
14.              The splinter burns brightly by O2 Gas.
15.              The first atomic model was proposed by J.J. Thomson(1897)
16.              Complete transfer of electrons from one atom to another leads to the formation of  ionic bond
17.              sharing of electrons between two atoms leads to the formation of Covalent bond
18.              Covalent bond  is present in diamonds.
19.              Mendeleef’s periodic table is based on the atomic weight
20.              All inert gasses are placed in zero group of periodic table.
21.              Inert gasses or rare gases or Noble gases are Neon, Argon, Krypton
22.              Alkali metals are Lithium (Li), Sodium (Na), Potassium (K)
23.              The modern periodic table is divided in to 16 groups
24.              The horizontal rows in the periodic table are called periods
25.              The vertical columns in the periodic table are called Groups
26.              The most electronegative element is  fluorine
27.              Burning of coal in are is a Chemical change
28.              In sea water percentage of common salt is 2.8%
29.              Pure water is a Bad conductor of electricity.
30.              The important two allotropic form of carbon are  diamond and graphite.
31.              Diamond is a bad conductor of heat and electricity.
32.              Covelent  bond is present in diamonds.
33.              Graphite is used as a lubricant
34.              Graphite is a good conductor  of heat and electricity.
35.              The process of decomposing water into its elements by passing electricity is called electrolysis of water.
36.              Hardness is due to presence of salts such as CaCl2, MgCl2, CaSO4, MgSO4, Ca(HCO3)2, Mg(HCO3)2
37.              Hardness of water can be removed by Boiling water or by adding lime and alum.
38.              The process of removing of hardness of water is called distillation
39.              Temporary hardness of water removed by  boiling

40.              permenent hardness of water removed by  permutit
41.              Temporary hardness of water is caused by bicarbonates of Mg and Ca
42.              The process of oxygen is added or hydrogen is removed from its compound are called Oxydation
43.              The process of hydrogen is added or oxygen is removed from its compound is called Reduction
44.              Liquid hydrogen is used as fuel in Rockets
45.              What is the freezing point of water OoC or 273oK 
46.              Electro valancyof Bromine +1
47.              Dry ice means Solid Carbondioxid
48.              Diamonds are allotrophic form of carbon
49.              Gas equation PV=nRT
50.              Soda water is used for Cool drinks
51.              Nitric acid is used in the purification of Gold and Silver
52.              Bones contains 60% of Calcium phosphate
53.              Phosphorus is used in match Industry.
54.              The chemical formula of Sodium phosphate Na3PO4
55.              pH of acids is between 0 and below 7
56.              pH of basis is between 7 above and 14 below
57.              Neutral solution has a pH of  7
58.              pH value of pure water is  7
59.              What is general formula of  alkanes CnH2n+2 alkenes CnH2n and  alkynes CnH2n-2
60.              The valancy of electrons in ‘N’ is 5
61.              The purity of solid is tested by Melting point
62.              The purity of liquid is tested by Hydrometer
63.              Brass is an alloy of COPPER AND ZINC (Cu+Zn)
64.              Weight of the body at the center of the earth would be ZERO.
65.              Oxygen was discovered by J. PRIESTLY
66.              The composition of water gas is H2+O
67.              The valancy of Nitrogen in the molecule of NH3 is -3
68.              The valancy of “H” in the molecule of NH3 is +1
69.              The valancy of “Calcium” in the molecule CaCl +2
70.              The valancy of “Chlorine” in the molecule of CaCl2 is -1
71.              The valancy of “P” in the molecule of Pcl3 +3
72.              The valancy of “P” in the molecule of Pcl3  +5
73.              Glass in made by fusing of LIME, SODA AND SAND.
74.              Sodium is normally preserved in KIROSIN OIL
75.              I curie is equal to 3.7 X 1010 DIS/SEC
76.              I Ruther ford is equal to 106 DIS/SEC
77.              What is the escape velocity from the earth surface 11.2Km/sec
78.              Computer was discovered by BABAGE
79.              What is the freezing point of water 00C,  32Fh, 273K
80.              Boiling point  of water 1000C. 212 Fh,373K
81.              What is the standard temperature of atmospheric pressure temperature .00 C OR 273K
82.              What is pit iron CAST IRON
83.              What is the purest form of water RAIN WATER
84.              Which element is common in all acids, bases H2(Hydrogen)
85.              What is the highest temperature which can be recorded by mercury thermometer 357oC
86.              Which metal in the best conductors of electricity and heat SILVER
87.              What type of bond in diamond COVALENT
88.              Tear gas chemical formula CI3. No2 (Cloroform)
89.              Molar gas in gas equation PV=nrt
90.              Molar gas constant R= PV/NT
91.              What is nature of bonding in diamonds?   COVALENT
92.              How many number of bonds are there between tow atoms of a covalent bond? 3
93.              What is formula of magnesium phosphate?  Mg3 (Po4)
94.              What is the main source of energy of thermal plant is?    URANIUM 92U235
95.              How are covalent compounds are normally formed SHARING OF ELECTRONICS
96.              The ionic compounds are NOT BAD conductors of electricity.
97.              The displacement of a body in unity times is called VELOCITY
98.              The negative acceleration is called RETARDATION
99.              Out of cathode rays and X-rays, which are more powerful X-RAY
100.          The biggest constituent of air is Nitrogen gas.

101.          Aluminium or Iron is the most abundant metal on the earth’s crest
102.          The raw material for manufacture of cement are Limestone, Gypsum and Clay
103.          When some salt is added to the water its boiling point Increases
104.          The four types of chemical changes are Combination, decomposition, displacement, double decomposition.
105.          Ammonia is used for Fertiliser, Refrigeration and medicine
106.          All metals are solids.  the only exception being mercury
107.          Oxydation is a process in which a substance combines chemically with elements to from an oxide.
108.          Two chief sources of hydrogen are  water and acids
109.          Atom is the smallest particle taking part in a chemical reaction
110.          Uranium isotope of atomic weight 235 is used in the atom bombs.
111.          In a dry cell Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.
112.          A Catalyst alters the speed of a chemical reaction.
113.          When ammonium nitrite is heated Nitrogen gas is obtained.
114.          The molecules of a gas are in a state of constant Rapid motion.
115.          A strong acid is a substance which gives a proton easily.
116.          Acid turn blue Litmus red.
117.          Electrovalent bonds are formed by actual transference of electrons from one atom to the other.
118.          SO2 bleaches vegetable colouring matter in presence of moisture
119.          Diamonds are bad conductor of heat and electricity.
120.           Alkali Turns red litmus blue.
121.          Pressure of a given volume of gas increases with increase in temperature.
122.           Oxygen Is used in welding
123.           Isotopes of uranium, which is used in atomic bomb, have a mass number 235
124.          A covalent bond is formed between the two atoms of hydrogen is its molecule.
125.          Minerals from which metals can be economically extracted are called ores
126.          Respiration brings about oxidation of food and release of energy in the cell.
127.          Isotopes Are atoms of an element having the same atomic number but different mass numbers?
128.          Water is a  bad conductor of heats.
129.          Substances, which cannot be split into simplest substances, are called elements
130.          The pure liquid recovered in the receiver as a result of distillation is called the distillate
131.          Chemical name of Baking Powder is Sodium bicarbonate
132.           The chemical name of washing soda is Sodium Carbonate
133.          Atom is electrically neutral
134.          Volume of water decrease on freezing.
135.          One cubic decimeter Litre
136.          The quantity of matter is generally predicted by mole
137.          The constituent of petroleum is separated by the process fractional distillation
138.          Soda water is a mixture of liquid and gas
139.          The valence electron in Nitrogen is 5
140.          The number of electrons in Carbon atom 6
141.          Nitrogen is LIGHTER than air
142.          The freezing point of mercury is -390c
143.           The main ore of iron HEMATITE
144.          The ore of Auminium is BAUXITE
145.          Led (pb) is ore the of GALENA
146.          Nickel is ore of PENTALANDITE
147.          Isotopes of an element have same atomic NUMBER
148.          The first element of periodic table is HYDROGEN
149.          Number of isotopes in Hydrogen 3
150.          Oxygen and Ozone molecules are ISOTOPES
151.          The valancy of the noble gas element is 0(ZERO)
152.          Stainless steel contains CROMIUM, IRON, NICKLE
153.          The eletro valancy of chlorine is -1
154.          How many neutrons present in O2 .... 8.....N2 is ..7...F is ..9...Cl is.. 18..
155.          Hertzs is the unit of FREQUENCY
156.          Which liquid is used as coolant in nuclear reactor?            Heavy water
157.          what is the most abundant constituent of air?  N (Nitrogen)
158.          What is the percentage of Oxygen in air?   20.9
159.          Which gas is used in extinguishing fire?  CO2
160.          Which gas is used for refrigeration?  NH3
161.          What is the main impurity (pollution) of the air? CO2
162.          What chemical is used to prepare oxygen on a large scale?  Potassium permanganate
163.          Which is the hardest substance?             Diamond
164.          What chemical mixture used for making the tip of safety matches? Red phosphorus
165.          What are the isotopes of hydrogen?  Protium, Deuterium, Tritium
166.          The basis of modem periodic table is Atomic Number
167.          Which is the smallest element in the periodic table Hydrogen
168.          The chloride ions as which charge Negative
169.          Positive efficiency of an atom is called as Proton
170.          Source used in thermal power plant to get electricity is coal
171.          No. of protons or electrons present in an atom are called Atomic Number
172.          Which gas is filled in the electric bulb Argon, Helium, Neon
173.          What is rusting or iron called Chemical change
174.          Atomic number of an element is equal to the number of what it contains Electron
175.          Those substances, which have very low electrical resistance, are called semi Conductor
176.          Elements are made up of very small particles called Atoms
177.          Which is the lighter noble gas Helium
178.          All bases contains the ions of Hydroxide
179.          Distilled water is Bad conductor of electricity
180.          T.N.T. is an explosive
181.          Burning of sugar is a chemical change (rusting of iron, souring of milk)
182.          Which one of the following is neither element nor a compound Air
183.          Nitrogen was discovered by Daniel Ruther Ford
184.          Pure water does not react with Calcium carbonate
185.          The nucleolus of hydrogen contains One proton and No neutron
186.          Hydrogen does not react directly with K
187.          Which of the following acts as an oxidizing agent Cl2
188.          The valance of the noble gas element in Zero
189.          Evaporation – Liquid to gas. 
190.          Sublimation – Solid to gas
191.          Melting – Solid to Liquid.
192.          Freezing – Liquid to solid
193.          Carbon, Diamond and graphite are called Allotropes
194.          Of the following which travels faster in air Light
195.          Stainless steel is Mixture
196.          Graphite is used as a Lubricant
197.          The ionic compounds are good conductors of electricity
198.          Down the group atomic size Increases
199.          The nature of bonding in diamond is Non – metallic
200.          Which gas turns lime water milky Co2
201.          Which gives more energy out of the following  Radiation
202.          The formula of Magnesium Phosphate is MgPo4
203.          The formula of Urea is NH2CO NH2
204.          When copped is heated with concentrated Sulfuric Acid So2 is evolved
205.          Calcium Oxide is a Basic Oxide
206.          Ammonia changes red litmus to Blue
207.          The chemical formula for lead Sulphate is PbSo4
208.          The formula of quick lime is CaO
209.          The formula of slacked lime is Ca(OH)2
210.          The chemical formula of marble is MgCO3.CaCO3
211.          Sodium reacts with water to produce H2 gas
212.          Electric bulbs are filled with Argon gas
213.          Plaster of Paris is made from Gypsum
214.          The Nucleus is made up of Neutron, Proton
215.          Phosphorous is kept under water
216.          The ratio of oxygen and Nitrogen is 1:4
217.          Hematite is the ore of iron
218.          Air pollution is due to increase of Carbon monoxide
219.          The metal whose salt is used for making photographic film is Silver
220.          Permanent hardness of water isdue to Calcium Choloride
221.          The line joining the two pole of a magnet is known as Magnetic axis
222.          The Wood is the best insulator
223.          What element is present in maximum amount in human body Oxygen
224.          The ultimate source of all energy is Sun
225.          Steel is an alloy of Carbon and Iron
226.          Corrosion in metals is caused by Air and Moisture
227.          Water is a Chemical Compound
228.          Molecular formula of Calcium Oxide is CaO
229.          the most abundant element in the earth crust Oxygen
230.          To which wire is the fuse connected in a three pin plug Copper
231.          Nitric Acid does not react with K
232.          Gun metal is an alloy of Copper, Tin and Zinc
233.          The natural solid fuel is Coal
234.          The two terminals of the battery are Positive and negative
235.          German silver is an alloy of Cu, Ni, Zn
236.          Graphite is used to manufacture Lead Pencils
237.          A detergent is a bleaching agent
238.          Co2 gas is used in soft drinks
239.          What is the source of solar energy Nuclear Fusion
240.          The sodium ions and chloride ions together in a solid form Salt (NaCl)
241.          In the laboratory Nitrogen gas is prepared by Ammonium Nitrate
242.          Diamond is used for cutting glass
243.          Number of oxygen atoms in a molecule of sulphuric acid 4
244.          About 70% of the earth surface is covered with water
245.          Distillation is a process of separation of Vapour and liquid
246.          Dry ice Solidified  Carbon di-Oxide
247.          Conducting nature of ionic compounds are due to free ions
248.          The ionic compounds take part in Chemical Reaction
249.          What type of elements have maximum tendency to form cations?  alkali and alkaline  earth metals IA, IIA elements
250.          An atom at its center contains Protons and Neutrons
251.          The colour of chlorine is Greenish yellow
252.          Elements on the right hand side of the periodic table are Non metals
253.          Which one of the following liquids evaporates most easily at room temperature Ether
254.          Ammonia is used for Fertilizer and medicine
255.          The starting point for manufacture of the anesthetic chloroform is Carbon
256.          The solvent used for dry cleaning is Carbon Tertochloride
257.          The explosive TNT is made from Toluene
258.          The chemical name of Aspirin is Acetyl Salicylic Acid
259.          Hydrogen peroxide can be used as Antiseptic
260.          Hydrochloric acid reacts with metals to produce H2
261.          Which is the main component of Marsh Gas CH4
262.          One Mole of a substance contain how many particles 6.023 x 1023
263.          Bragg’s law is given by which of the following equation n=2d sin
264.          What is the co-ordination number of sodium in Na2O 6
265.          Iodo form is preparing from Acetone
266.          The chemical properties of an atoms depends on Atomic Number
267.          Which chemical has the highest electron affinity Chlorine
268.          What is the chemical formula of Crydite Na3AlF6
269.          Who determine the e/m ratio ……….
270.          What is the chemical name of Lunar caustic Silver Nitrate