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A Complete Educational Website for FREE : Class 10 ICSE Maths Chapter wise Questions with M.C.Q’s 2023-24

Class 10 ICSE Maths Chapter wise Questions with M.C.Q’s 2023-24

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Questions with M.C.Q's 
1 GSTDownload      
2 BankingDownload    
3 Shares and DividendDownload 
4 Linear InequationsDownload
5 Quadratic EquationsDownload
6 Ratio and ProportionDownload
7 Remainder theoren and factor theoremDownload
8 MatricesDownload
9 Arithmetic ProgressionDownload
10 Geometric ProgressionDownload
11 ReflectionDownload
12 Section and Mid Point FormulaDownload
13 Equation of a Straight Line Download
14 Similarity ( As a size of Transformation )Download
15 Similarity of TrianglesDownload
17Angle and Cyclic Properties of a CircleDownload      
18 Tangent Properties of CirclesDownload
19 ConstructionsDownload
20Volume and Surface area of SolidsDownload
21Trigonometircal IdentitiesDownload
22Heights and DistancesDownload
23Graphical Representation of Statistical DataDownload
24Measures of Central Tendency ( Mean )Download
25Median, Quartiles and ModeDownload
26Probability Download

Model Papers with Solutions
1 ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper 1 Download      
2ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper 2 Download 
3ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper 3Download
4ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper4Download
5ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper 5Download
6ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper 6Download
7ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper 7Download
8ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper 8Download
9ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper 9Download
10ICSE  Examination Model Test Paper 10 Download