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Class 10 Mathematics Projects

S.No    Name of the Mathematics Project Material    
0 Introduction about Projects Download
1 System of Linear Equations Download
2 Arithmetic Progression - I Download
3 Arithmetic Progression - II Download
4 Basic Proportionality Theorem for a Triangle Download
5 Pythagoras Theorem  Download
6 Angle at the centre of a Circle by an arc  Download
7 Angles in the Same Segment  Download
8 Angle in a Semicircle, major and minor segment  Download
9 Cyclic Quadrilateral Theorem  Download
10 Tangents drawn from an external point Download
11 Alternate Segment Theorem  Download
12 Right Circular Cylinder Download
13 Surface area of a Cylinder  Download
14 Volume of a Right Circular Cylinder  Download
15 Right Circular Cone  Download
16 Surface area of a Cone  Download
17 Volume of a Cone  Download
18 Surface area of a Sphere  Download
19 Volume of a Sphere  Download
20 Finding Probability  Download
21 Making a Clinometer  Download
22 Efficiency in Packing  Download
23 Geometry in real life  Download
24 Experiment on Probability  Download
25 Displacement and rotation of a geometrical figure Download
26 Frequency of letters/words in a language Download
27 Fourth order Magic DanceDownload
28 Live Lattice Download
29 Mathematical patterns using arithmetic progression Download
30 Early History of Mathematics Download

Model / Sample Maths Projects for Class IX & X :

S.No    Topic of the Mathematics Project Material    
0 Suggested Projects ( All Chapters ) Download
1 Areas & Corresponding sides relation Download
2 Surface Area Download
3 Project on Statistics Download
4 Real Numbers ( Square root ) Download
5 Size of the foot wear from Statistics  Download
6 Nature of roots from Real Numbers  Download
7 Euclid Lemma ( HCF ) Download
8 Terminating and Non terminating  Download
9 Understanding Consistent & Inconsistent    Download
10 H.C.F Download
11 Project on Mensuration  Download
12 Heights and Distance from Trigonometry Download
13 Real Life application from Sets  Download
14 Similar Triangles ( finding height of Flag )  Download
15 Statistics Project in Telugu  Download
16 Project on Isosceles triangle  Download
17 Project on Rectangle  Download
18 Project on Quadrilateral  Download
19 Project on Triangle  Download
20 Project on Rhombus  Download
21 Catalogue from Maths Projects  Download
22 Catalogue from Science Projects  Download
23 Catalogue from Social Projects  Download