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Question Bank
1 Decimals   Download       TEST    
2 Factors and Multiples 

3 Fractions  

4 Fundamental concepts of Algebra & expressions 

5 Lines and Angles

6 Integers

7 Linear Symmetry

8 Number System   Download TEST
9 Percentage, profit & loss, Simple Interest

10 Powers and Roots

11 Ratio and Proportion 

12 Sets and Venn diagram

13 Solids, perimeter and area of plane figures

14 Statistics 

15 Triangle, Circle and Construction 

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Model Maths Test Papers :

S.No Model Papers    Download/View  
1 Model Test Paper 1 Download
2 Model Test Paper 2 Download
3 Model Test Paper 3 Download
4 Model Test Paper 4 Download
5 Model Test Paper 5 Download
6 Model Test Paper 6 Download
7 Model Test Paper 6 (Solutions) Download