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Computer Knowledge
Computer is an Electronic Device
First mechanical computer was Mark-I
Who was the inventor of mechanical computer by Howard Aiken (1937)
Who was designed Analytical engine by Charles Babbage (1833)
The first popular general purpose computer was ENIAC (Electronic Numerical   
Integrated and Calculator) in 1942
Who was the inventor of Mechanical calculator Pascal (1642)
The first computer built for commercial purpose was UNIVAC-I
Types of computers Analog, Digital and Hybrid
Analog computer measure the continuously changing conditions such as
temperature, pressure, volume, force etc
Digital computer performs arithmetical and logical operations
Digital computers can be used for scientific and business purpose
Modern computers are digital computers
Hybrid computers possess the capabilities of both analog  as well as the digital
Hybrid computers are used in space vehicles and medicine in monitoring of
the patients health conditions
Digital computers operate on binary digits 0 and 1
In the binary system uses 0 and 1, binary digit is called a bit
1 nibble is equal to 4 bits
8 bits are equal to 1 byte
1024 bytes equal to 1 kilobyte
1024 kilobyte is equal to 1 megabyte (1MB)
1024 MB equal to 1 gigabyte (1GB)
1024 GB is equal to 1terrabyte (TB)
In the first generation (1946 -55) computers consists of Vacuum Tubes
In the second generation (1956-65) computers consists of Transistors
In the third generation (1966-75) computers consists of Integrated circuit
In the fourth generation (1976-90) computer consists of Very Large scale
Integrated circuit chips
The fifth generation was began from 1991 consist of Artificial Intelegence
Computers are divided into three categories they are Analog, Digital and Hybrid
The first micro Computer is ALTAIR-800
The first IBM computer is IBM-PC
Which is called brain of computer CPU
Which is called heart of computer Processor
Hardware refers Machinery of a computer
Software refers Set of instructions
Input devices are Key board, Mouse, Joystick OMR, OCR, MICR etc.,
OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader
OCR stands for Optical Character Reader
MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
Output devices are Monitor, Printer etc.,
The key board may contain 101 and 104 keys
F1 to F12 keys are called functional keys
Special keys are Alt, Shift, Caps Lock, Scroll key, Num lock, Esc, Del, insert etc,.
Data is collection of Raw facts
Process data is called Information
Micro computers are called Personal Computer
The most powerful computers are called Super Computers
The CPU consists of Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), Control Unit, Registers
Examples for primary memory unit is RAM and ROM
Examples for secondary memory is Floppy disk, Hard Disk, Compact disk, 

Magnetic disk etc.,
Floppies are made of mylar plastic coated with magnetic Oxide
The diameter of the floppy is 5 ½ “
The mini floppy diameter is 3 ½ “
Which memory is the permanent in nature ROM
Which memory is the temporarily in nature RAM
Master file contains Permanent data
Transaction file contains Temporary data
Immediately providing the required information by computers is called Real
time system
Real time processing is used in Air line traffic
Online processing is used in ATM
One by one completion of many given tasks to a computer is called batch
Batch processing is used in Pay roll system
DOS  is a system software
Examples for High level language is C, C++, Pascal, Java
Examples for low  level language is binary language
An Assembler converts an assembly language program into Machine language
Compiler converts a high level language program into low level language
(Machine language)
Which programming language is used for difficult scientific calculations FORTRAN
Internet was born in 1969
Who is the father of computer Charles Babbage
Flow chart is used to make a diagrammatic representation of an algorithm
The process of starting a computer is called bootstrap loader, which makes
a computer ready to work
When a computer in working position does not respond to any command
or stop responding to functions is called Hang
Oracle is a Relational Data Base Management System
Windows-XP is a link between operating system and user
Windows-XP is called Friendly User Operating System
Abacus was the first instrument used for calculations (china)
E-mail stands for Electronic mail
Blue Tooth is a technology which enables wireless retrieval and transfer of
data and information between computers
Who wrote the book computer Liberation and Dream Machine, the first
book on personal computer Ted Nelson
Dos is the Operating System it is a single user
Ms-Windows was introduce by Micro soft Corporation
If you are delete a file or folder it hold in Recycle bin
Word processing refers to typing, editing and formatting of any kind of
Head and footer are places to put repetitive information in a document
top and bottom margins
Ms-word is used for documentation in business purpose
Ms-Power point is used for presentation
Ms-Excel is an integrated electronic worksheet, It is also called Spreadsheet
Arithmetical operations of excel are + adding, - subtraction, * mortification,
/ Division, % percentage
Chart is a graphical representation of worksheet data
Ms-Excel is a powerful spread sheet application
Ms-Excel is used for managing, analyzing and representing data in a
graphical manner
The Spreadsheet component displays and analysis text and numbers in
rows and columns
Data base component manipulates lists of information
Chart component help to present data in a graphical manner.
Ms-Access is a fully featured Data base Management System (DBMS)
The only language understood by the CPU – Machine language
Examples for computer languages – Fortran, BASIC, COBAL, PASCAL, C, C++ and JAVA
BASIC is a – High level language
The program in high level language is translated to machine –Compiler
Which systems are used in computer – Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal
Electronic mail works with a – Computer with a modem
Computer speed is measured in – MIPS
What is the name of the programme in Windows, used for management of data in
a spread sheet format – EXCEL
Information Technology Act 2000 was passed on – 9th June 2000
National Technology Day is celebrated on – 11th May
How many rows and columns are in Ms Excel – More the 65536 rows and 256
The rows in Excel are in the series of – 1, 2, 3, ……….., 65536
The columns in Excel are in the series of  - A, B, C, …………. , AA, AB etc.,
The extension for an excel file is  - xis
The extension for an word document is  - doc
The extension for a power point file – ppt
For adding the contents of two cells A1 and A2 and to get the result at C1 what
whould be typed in C1 -  =A1+A2 or sum(A1,A2)
The software used for eliminating a computer Virus is – Antivirus (Norton, PC Cilin,
Mc afee)
FORTRAN – Formula Translation
BASIC – Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
COBAL – Common Business Oriented Language
RABMA – Remote Area Business Message Network
WWW – World Wide Web
LAN – Local Area Network
MAN – Metropolitan Area Network
WAN – Wide Area Network
ATM – Automated Teller Machine
DBMS – Data Base Management System
VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Siege

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