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1.                  The scientist who proposed the theory of evolution Darwin
2.                  According to Kepler concept the orbit of a planet around the sun is elliptical
3.                  Einstein gives a relation E=mc2
4.                  The biggest planet of the solar system Jupiter
5.                  The nearest planet of the sun is Mercury
6.                  Number of satellites revolving round the Jupiter is 14
7.                  One Light year is equal to 9.3x1015mts or 9.46x1012km
8.                  Time taken by the moon to complete one revolution around the earth is 27.3 days
9.                  The earth complete one revolution around the sun in 365 ¼ days
10.              A satellite revolves around the earth in an orbit. When will its speed be greatest -  it is nearest to the earth.
11.              What will be the weight of a body at equator if the earth stops rotating - Increase
12.              What is the escape velocity from the earth’s surface?   -11.2 km/sec.
13.              What are fundamental units - The units of length time and mass are said to be fundamental units.   
14.              Write any four vector quantity Velocity, Acceleration, Momentum, Force 
15.              Write any four scalar quantities  Time, Volume, Density, Distance
16.              The sum of potential energy and kinetic energy is mgh+1/2mv2
17.              The  mass of a body is M and its velocity V, then what will be its kinetic energy 1/2mv2
18.              Which type of energy associated with flowing water  kinetic energy.
19.              Which instrument converts hear energy into mechanical energy - Heat engine
20.              Steam engine converts heat energy into Mechanical Energy.
21.              What converts heat energy into mechanical energy - Heat engine.
22.              Newton’s law of attraction is known as universal law of gravitation
23.              Where is the value of ‘g’ in zero  -  Center of the earth
24.              Newton’s first law of motion given the definition of Inertia.
25.              Why are the passengers pushed forward when a moving bus stops suddenly - Due to inertia of the passengers
26.              Define second law of motion - Rate of change of momentum is directly proportional to the force.
27.              Momentum is a measure of Quantity of motion.
28.              Momentum is defined by IInd Law of Newton
29.              The product of mass and velocity is called Momentum
30.              Conversation of linear momentum is equivalent to Newton’s 3rd law of motion
31.              Every action as an equal and opposite reaction is the IIIrd Law of Newton.
32.              Rate of change of velocity is called as Acceleration
33.              By which law of motion does swimming become possible - Third law of motion.’
34.              What is the principle of launching rocket Newton’s Third Law.
35.              How does a freely falling body move towards the earth - With a uniform acceleration
36.              The unit of acceleration m/sec2
37.              Sound is a form of energy
38.              Sound propagates in the form of longitudinal waves
39.              Velocity of sound is maximum in metals or solids
40.              Sound does not travel in vacuum
41.              Velocity of sound is minimum in gases
42.              The unit of sound is Decible
43.              The number of vibration made by a particle in one second is called Frequency
44.              What range of frequency of sound can be heard by human ear-  20  - 20000Hz
45.              Light waves are transverse in nature
46.              Give examples for luminous bodies  sund stars, electric bulb, burnig candle etc.,
47.              Give the examples for non-luminous bodies Earth,moon, table etc.,
48.              Velocity of light is least in glasses
49.              Velocity of light is maximum in vacuum
50.              Speed of light in vacuum is 3x108 mts/sec
51.              Why does the clear sky look blue -  Due to dispersion light
52.              In the white light spectrum the colour of the lowest region is Red  toppest region Violet
53.              Violet colour of light which travels through glass with minimum speed
54.              Rainbow is normally formed due to Refraction of light.
55.              What type of image is formed by a concave mirror small and Virtual
56.              A myopic eye is corrected by the use of a which lens Concave.
57.              Hypermetropia rectified by using of convex lens
58.              Astigmatism for a human eye can be removed Cylindrical lens
59.              Doctor use Concave mirror to examine.
60.              The mirror in the dressing table is Plane.
61.              The lens used in microscope is Convex.
62.              What type of final image is seen in a compound microscope Virtual & Inverted.
63.              Convex lenses are called convergent lenses
64.              Concave lenses are known as divergent lenses
65.              What type of mirror used automobile drivers use.  -  Concave mirror
66.              What type of mirror is used in shaving and makeup  -  Concave mirror
67.              How does Myopia, a defect of eye, can be corrected? -by using concave lens.
68.              Concave mirror will form an image three times that of the object.
69.              Focal length of a convex lens is maximum for red light
70.              The human eye forms the image of an object at its Retina.
71.              A defect in which part of the human eye causes colour blindness cones
72.              How many images are formed between two plane mirrors  Infinity
73.              Power of the lens is measured in Diopters.
74.              What is zoom lens - It is a lens having variable focal length
75.              Steel is used to make permanent magnets
76.              Soft iron  is used to make electro magnets
77.              Led stone is called natural magnet
78.              A bar magnet consists of  2 poles (North and South)
79.              The total number of magnetic lines of fore in a given area is called  magnetic flex
80.              The center of a bar magnet’s magnetism is zero
81.              Magnetic flex is measured in the unit of weber
82.              SI unit of intensity of magnetic field is Ampere/meter
83.              The unit of Intensity of magnetic field  is called Gauss.
84.              What is the sure test of magnetism of two magnets? -  Repulsion
85.              The unit of current is coulombs/sec or Ampere
86.              Current is measured using an Ammeter
87.              Unit for Electric charge  coulombe
88.              Electrolysis is the process of the decomposition of an electrolyte by passing electric current through it.
89.              Current flows from a point having a higher electrical potential to a point with a lower electrical potential.
90.              Out of bulb of 100W and 40W which one as filament of higher resistance 40W
91.              One house power in 746watts.
92.              Voltmeter measures Voltage (potential difference)
93.              The good conductor of heat and electricity is graphite
94.              Fuse wire is used to protect an electric circuit
95.              Why does safety fuse use in electric supply in houses - It stops the flow of current while short circuit   
96.              Why is the third (thicker) pin in a 3-pin plug used - It is connected to escape the feed back effect of the current.
97.              How does the municipal committee connect the streetlight  - Parallel
98.              For the conversion of low voltage steady D.C. into a high voltage weak D.C., what instrument is used -  Induction coil
99.              What is the device that steps up and steps down the voltage in A.C.  -  Transformer
100.          For what purpose are rectifiers used - To convert D.C. to A.C.
101.          What principle is used in Dynamo - Electromagnetic induction
102.          What is the principal used in Electric motor - Electromagnetic induction
103.          What is the grouping of cells in a Torch Direct Current
104.          A fuse wire is used to protect an electric current
105.          Simi conductors are made up of Silicon
106.          Who discovered gramophone T.A.Edison
107.          Who discovered thermo electricity Seebeck.
108.          Ice floats on water because of less density.
109.          To search the enemy’s invisible warship the instrument used is Radar.
110.          Which metal is used for storage battery lead.
111.          The heater element is made of Nichrome.
112.          The calorimeter is made of copper metal.
113.          The source of energy in Hydel Power station is Water
114.          Volume of water increasing on freezing Unit of length is metre
115.          What is measured in Ricter Scale Intensity of earthquake
116.          The sun light is a form of energy
117.          What Joule and erg are the units  - Work and Energy
118.          Which modes of transfer of heat are minimized in a thermos flask - Radiation
119.          The surface water in a lake is just going to freeze.  What is the temperature of water at the bottom – 4oc
120.          Relation between the Centigrade , Fahrenheit and Kelvin …………………….
121.          Which mode of transfer of heat does not require presence of an intervening medium -  Radiation
122.          By which process we are receiving heat energy from sun and heater  -  Radiation.
123.          A red when seen through a thick blue glass appears Blue.
124.          What type of vibrations produced by sound in air?            -  Longitudinal
125.          Which color has got the maximum refractive index for glass - Red 
126.          Which mode of transfer of heat does not require presence of an intervening medium? -   Radiation
127.          If force is expressed in Newton and the distance in meter, then what is the unit of the work -  Joule
128.          To whom the Law of Natural Selection is associated with -  Darwin
129.          Why does the pressure cooker cook rice faster -  High pressure raises the boiling point of water
130.          On what does rate of evaporation depends - Nature of liquid, exposed area of liquid and temperature of liquid and air.
131.          Which state of matter has highest cohesion?        -   Solids
132.          An atom bomb is based on chain nuclear reaction.
133.          A soft iron is used in making an electromagnet.
134.          At the moon, the Weight of the body is reduced to one sixth of its weight on earth where as the Mass remains the same.
135.          Petrol tanks are generally painted block to avoid getting heated by the mode of radiation
136.          Fecal lenght of a lens varies with the colour of the light.
137.          The unit of electrical resistance is Ohm
138.          Natural magnet is known as load stone
139.          .
140.          Carrier waves have the capability of carrying sound at the speed of 3 x 108 m/s
141.          A body weights more in vacuum than it does in air.
142.          In bridges, allowance is made for expansion of girders.
143.          The sky appears blue due to Scattering of Light
144.          Heat radiation travel with a velocity  light
145.          Which liquid has the greatest velocity Mercury
146.          Mercury freezes at -150OC
147.          In atom bomb we use the process called Nuclear Fission
148.          In hydrogen bomb we use the process called Nuclear fusion
149.          The Ozone layer protects us from ultraviolet  radiations from sun.
150.          Which of the ray are longest wave length X-rays
Dimensional Analysis
Dimension of physical quantity: The fundamental units of mass, length and time are denotes by capital letters, M, L and T.
Dimensional formula and Dimensional equation: A dimensional formula is a compound expression showing how and which of the fundamental units enter into the unit of a physical quantity.
Eg: Velocity = Distance     =     L   =LT-1
                                                              Time                 T
Dimensional formula of velocity is M0 L1 T-1
Dimensional equation: It is a equation which expresses the given physical quantity in terms of fundamental unit of mass, length and time.
                        Eg: Equation of the formula = M1 L1 T-2
The dimensional formula of some physical quantities are given below
Dimensional Formuls
M0 L2 T0
M0 L3 T0
M0 L1 T-1
M0 L1 T-1
M0 L1 T-2
mass x acceleration
M1 L1 T-2
Work done
Force x displacement
M1 L2 T-2
Work done/Time(T)
M1 L2 T-3
Total work done
M1 L2 T-3
mass x velocity
M1 L1 T-1
Force x Velocity
M1 L2 T-2
M1 L1 T-1
Angle (0)
M0 L0 T0
M0 L-3 T0
 Measurements and Units
1.      The units length in MKS system is meter (m)
2.      The unit of mass in MKS system Kilogram (Kg)
3.      The units of time in MKS system is Seconds (s)
4.      The unit of area in MKS system is m2
5.      The unit of valume in MKS system is m3
6.      The unit of velocity in MKS system is m/s
7.      The unit of acceleration in MKS system is m/s2
8.      The unit of force in MKS (SI) system is Newton
9.      The unit of force in CGS system is Dyne
10.  The unit of work in CGS system is Erg
11.  The unit of work in MKS (SI) system is Joule
12.  The unit of energy in MKS (SI) system is Joule
13.  The unit of Power in MKS (SI) system is Watt
14.  1 watt  equal to J/S (1 Joule/1 Second)
15.  1 Kilo watt equal to 1000 watts
16.  1 Astronomical Unit 1.496 x 1011 metres
17.  Velocity of Light – 3 x 108 m/s
18.  One Newton equal to 105 dynes
19.  1 light year is equal to 9.46 x 1012 km
20.  1 watt is equal to 107 ergs/sec
21.  1 watt is equal to 700 lumens
22.  ‘g’ value on Moon is 1.64 m/s2
23.  ‘g’ value on Sun is 27.4 m/s2
24.  ‘g’ value on Earth is 9.8 m/s2
25.  1 Mega watt is equal to 10,00,000 watts
26.  1 Hourse Power (1HP) is equal to 746 watts
27.  The unit of  frequency in SI system is Hertz (Hz)
28.  The unit of electric charge in SI system is Coulomb
29.  The unit of  Magnetic flux in SI system is Weber (Wb)
30.  The unit of induct in SI system is Henry (H)
31.  The unit of Magnetic Induction in SI system is Tesla
32.  The unit of Density in MKS system is Kh/m3
33.  The unit of light intensity in SI system is Candela (Cd)
34.  The amount of matter in SI system is Mole (mol)
35.  The unit of plane angle in SI system is Radiar (rad)

Scientific Instruments
Altimeter: It is used for measuring altitudes (height) specially used in air crafts.
Ammeter: It is used for measuring the strength of the current in amperes directly.
Anemometer : It is used for recording winds velocity.
Audiometer: It is used for measuring the intensity of sound.
Barometer: It is used for measuring the atmospheric pressure.
Calorimeter: It is used for recording the quantities of heat.
Computer: It is an electronic instrument used for data collection.
Chronometer: It is used for measuring accurate time.
Fathom-meter: It is used for measuring depth of ocean.
Galvanometer: It is used for detecting the presence of current.
Hydrometer: It is an instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of liquids.
Hygrometer: It is used for measuring humidity in air.
Hydrophone: It is used for recording sound under the water.
Lactometer: It is used for measuring the purity of milk.
Megaphone: It is used for carrying sound to a long distance.
Microscope: It is used for magnifying minute objects by a lens system.
Manometer: It is used for determining the pressure of gas.
Odanmeter: It is used for measuring the distance covered by wheeled cycles.
Photometer: It is used for measuring the intensity of light.
Techometer: It is an instrument to measure speed of moving bodies (especially aeroplanes)
Transformer: It is used to reduce or increase the voltage of an alternating current.
Telestar: It is an instrument to transmit wireless or television broadcast more distance across continents via space.
Voltmeter: It measures the potential difference.